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1.Water proof laser with IP45 rating designs. Double housing designs which can prevent >1mm size dust into,  water jetting from any direction doesn't have any harms.
2.Made of water proof materials and special process designs to make sure the exposed components(fans, socket, screws, etc.) working well.
3.Made of analog laser modulation. Users can dimmer the laser brightness linearly to makes the laser light more colorful.
4.Use precise 2D dichro for RGB alignment.The users can do the RGB realignment even by the fingers. No special equipment and no skilled 
  workers needed.
5.Graphics & Effects: Beam show and animated graphics show patterns.
6.SD Card storage build in program and downloading program.
7.Safety intelligent: PC control mode will shut off laser automatically without trigger signal. The scanner failure protection will shut off the laser 
  signal and the. shutter will block the laser output automatically, so as to avoid the single beam coming out.
8.Applicable for all kinds of large-scale outdoor performances, outdoor lighting projects.
  Warm Tips: Avoid projecting to the crowd in the short distance; It is prohibited to project a single point of high brightness to the sky in the 
  aircraft take-off and landing area!!!
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Technical Specification

1.    Voltage: AC90~250V/AC, 50HZ/60HZ

2.    Rated Power: 100W

3.    Laser level: Class 4 laser

4.    Waterproof Level: IP45

5.    Work Environment: outdoor and indoor, -30 °C --40 °C

6.    Scanner: 30K High-speed optical scanner, ±30° big angle scanning

    7.    Working Modes: PC Control, PRG(SD card program), ILD(SD card program), DMX512 (17 CH),

Sound Active, AUTO, SLAVE

8.    Play Program Format: .ild laser show document

9.    Safety Configure: Security protection, Laser key switch, laser remote interlock, SFS Control(scanner fail safety control ON/OFF), flying rings bolt

10. Interface: 3 pins XLR jack for DMX, DB25 interface for PC control

11. Machine dimension: 305*400*240(H)mm

12. Flight case dimension: 510*580*400(H)mm

13. Machine Weight: 20Kg

14. Gross Weight: 33Kg

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