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United RGB animation lasers made of high stable performance analog modulation laser diode.
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◆ Features:

   1. United RGB animation lasers made of high stable performance analog modulation laser diode.

It has 5 kinds of the most popular laser effects: Animation effects, Animation grating multi-pattern effects, 3D dot effects, 3D plane effects, one dimension multi-pattern effects.

5 kinds of laser effects projected by turns or only 1 kind of laser effects setting.

More than 128 built-in graphics and beam effect patterns, such as cartoon, person text, words, etc; with the function of unique blanking, frequently flashing, rotating, movement, billowing, zoom (+/-), drawing, speed and color, etc.

2. LCD display technology. More convenient and much easier for users to understand what they are setting. This can help to lower the failure rate of hardware. The pattern size, sensitivity, color setting, scanner speed, mirror phase, etc can be set by the buttons.

3. Dust proof, compact, smaller and lighter designs, more flexible installations, and save your delivery costs sharply.

◆ Scanner: 25KPPS high-speed optical scanner, ±20° scanning

◆ Laser:

AU15RGB: 100mW 635nm wavelength red laser,

100mW 532nm wavelength green laser,

           400mW 450nm wavelength blue laser,

  AU25RGB: 200mW 635nm wavelength red laser,

200mW 532nm wavelength green laser,

          600mW 450nm wavelength blue laser,

AU35RGB: 300mW 635nm wavelength red laser

300mW 532nm wavelength green laser

         1000mW 450nm wavelength blue laser,

◆ Play Mode: Sound Active, AUTO-Beam, AUTO-Animation, DMX512 (18 channels), Master/Slave, PC Control, Remote control, RGB color or only white color setting

u  Effects Mode: Multi-effects, Animation Effects, Animation Grating multi-pattern effects, 3D dot effects, 3D plane effects, one dimension multi-pattern effects..

◆ PC control: Compatible ILDA laser show software with ILDA interface. Use electronic switches to conversion full ILDA signal.

◆ DMX : 18 channels, black out functions.

◆ Safety configure: Power key switch, laser ON-OFF switch, laser remote interlock, flying rings bolt

◆ Safety Capacity: Automatically identify ILDA or built-in program mode. Master/slave mode, DMX512 and PC control mode, will shut off laser automatically without trigger signal. Design according to security and good performance, safer to human and environment

◆ Power Supply: 100~250V, 50/60HZ, 60W

◆ Size: 190*250*155mm

◆ Weight: AU15/AU25/AU35RGB: 4.6/4.9/5.1Kg

◆ Applicable for Disco, Clubs, KTV, Pub, Bar, family party, etc



◆ 扫描系统:25K高速振镜,,±20°扫描

◆ 激光器:高稳定性模拟调制激光器,可以实现激光器亮度调节,色彩更绚丽。










◆ 控制模式:DMX512、声控、自动、主从同步、PC控制、遥控,RGB、白光设置选择功能。

◆ 效果模式:多种复合效果、动画效果、二维光栅多图案效果、一维维光栅多图案效果、3D点效果、3D面效果

◆ DMX功能:18通道控制,具黑场功能

◆ 电脑接口:兼容ILDA标准电脑激光表演软件控制。ILDA的全信号采用电子开关转换

◆ 安全配置:电源钥匙开关、激光开关、激光紧急遥控接口、吊环螺栓

◆ 安全智能:在自联机主从同步、DMX及PC控制模式下无信号时会自动闭光;PC控制与内置程序模式自动识别切换,任何情况下避免单点激光出现,对人体、环境更安全

◆ 电源:100~250V,50/60HZ,60W

◆ 机器尺寸:190*250*155mm

◆ 机器重量:AU15/A25/A35RGB:4.6/4.9/5.1Kg

◆ 应用场所:迪厅、舞厅、酒吧、夜总会及各种大型表演场

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