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4 in 1 multi-effects RGB animation laser made of 635nm red laser;
It has 4 kinds of the most popular laser effects: Animation effects, Animation grating multi-pattern effects, 3D dot effects, 3D plane effects.
Has 4 kinds of laser effects project by turns or only 1 kind of laser effects setting.
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◆ Features:
more than 128 built-in graphics and beam effect patterns, such as cartoon, person text, words, etc;

with the function of unique blanking, frequently flashing, rotating, movement, billowing, zoom (+/-), drawing, speed and color, etc.

Compact, smaller and lighter designs, more flexible installations, and save your delivery costs sharply.

◆ Scanner: 25KPPS high-speed optical scanner, ±20° scanning

◆ Laser:

U500RGB+: 100mW 635nm wavelength red laser,

                    100mW 532nm wavelength green laser,

                    400mW 450nm wavelength blue laser,

                    500mW mixed white laser

U1000RGB+: 200mW 635nm wavelength red laser,

                     200mW 532nm wavelength green laser,

                     600mW 450nm wavelength blue laser,

                     1000mW mixed white laser

U1500RGB+: 300mW 635nm wavelength red laser

                     300mW 532nm wavelength green laser

                     1000mW 450nm wavelength blue laser,

                     1500mW mixed white laser

◆ Play Mode: Sound Active, AUTO-Beam, AUTO-Animation, DMX512 (12 channels), Master/Slave, PC Control, RGB color or only white color setting

u Effects Mode: Multi-effects, Animation Effects, Animation Grating multi-pattern effects, 3D dot effects, 3D plane effects.

◆ PC control: Compatible ILDA laser show software with ILDA interface. Use electronic switches to conversion full ILDA signal.

◆ Safety configure: Power key switch, laser ON-OFF switch, laser remote interlock, flying rings bolt

◆ Safety Capacity: Automatically identify ILDA or built-in program mode. Master/slave mode, DMX512 and PC control mode, will shut off laser automatically without trigger signal. Design according to security and good performance, safer to human and environment

◆ Power Supply: 100~250V, 50/60HZ, 60W

◆ Size: 200*235*130mm

◆ Weight: U500/U1000/U1000RGB+: 4.5/5.1/5.3Kg

◆ Applicable for Disco, Clubs, KTV, Pub, Bar, family party, etc

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