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High power laser with dust-proof and anti-lampblack design. The housing is three independent layer structure design which can make the laser system more stable. Top layer is optical floor without any interface. It is sealed completely. Middle layer is big radiator layer with high speed fan to blow the heat away. The bottom floor is electrical layer.
The whole projector reaches IP61 protection level.(Protection against dust and lampblack, water drop to the shell has no impact).
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1.Voltage: AC90~250V/AC, 50HZ/60HZ,max consumption power: 500W 

2.Laser module: 

Beam dia. <6.5*5.5(H) mm, Divergence<1.5mrad

3.Laser life: >10000 hours

4.Laser level: Class 4 laser

5.Waterproof Level: IP61

6.Work Environment: outdoor and indoor, -30 °C --40 °C


The highest quality of optical scanner, high speed and high precision, high stability and long life design.

>30KPPS ILDA @8°. Max scanning angle is 60°. Signal input voltage ±5V   

Mirror 12*14mm/X and 20*10mm/Y, maximum accommodate laser spot: 7 (W)*8(H) mm

8.Working Modes: PC Control, DMX512, PRG(TF card program), ILD(TF card program), Sound Active, AUTO

Option: PANGOLIN FB4 control system, additional SFS single-point protection function

9.TF card play file format: supporting standard ILDA file which is with “.ild “.


3 pins XLR jack for DMX;

DB25-ILDA interface for PC control, RJ45-ILDA interface for PC control (RJ45 cat cable is more convenient to get and wire than ILDA cable. There is no signal attenuation even after 300 meters transmission in the experiments),

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