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Landmarks Laser Light Outdoor Laser overview

Time:2019-01-10Views:399 Author:LAYU Laser Technology
High-power green laser airborne scanning system that combines laser application technology, computer image processing technology and ultra-high-speed galvanometer control technology, and the pure, dazzling green laser over the city changes the dynamic of line, surface, spin body and any editor graphics, text. Quiet, as Stand; move, the bright colors, strong visual effect, shock, kingly, is a city landmark, the famous scenic spot of the eye, "pen", but also advertising, large stage show and city lighting engineering High-grade symbol.
At the top of urban high-rise buildings, high-power solid-state lasers with a full range of scanning. You can watch the unique laser night a few kilometers away. By dazzling laser system with a strong green laser beam continuously probe radiation in the night sky, you can direct parallel, rotating radiation, rhythmic transform the beam direction, so that the building became dazzling city landmark and a unique urban landscape. Landmarks laser according to their operating characteristics into "projection type laser landmarks" and two kinds of "histrionic laser landmarks." Power In fine weather, you can see the laser beam in a radius of 6-12 kilometers outside (depending on the choice of laser: the system installed in the top of the building, a projection-type laser landmark: the laser beam through the optical transmitter long distance projection, which is characterized by may be, for example: 30-watt laser visual radius of 6 kilometers, while the 50-watt laser is visible up to 12 km radius above) In other words, we can see the laser beam diameter circular area of 12-24 kilometers, affected. the range is enormous. And pure color laser beam scanning process solemn, the "list of small hills," the King.
Performing laser landmark: the laser beam emitted through the high-speed mechanical scanner can be a single laser beam is expanded into a multi-beam optical system under computer control, the formation of a great variety of output, you can achieve multi-beam roll, changes can be and music synchronization, you can in the building facade, and even the clouds write simple text and graphics, play the effect of advertising, which is highly entertaining. Product Status: With the mature laser technology, laser water screen and laser landmarks reliability, ease of maintenance, power consumption has been greatly improved. Landmarks such as the laser, under normal operating conditions, an extremely low failure of 10,000 hours. To work three hours a day count ,, power consumption of less than 5 kilowatts. Water-cooled air-cooled 10w-40w 10w-60w outdoor laser lights, outdoor laser lights, outdoor laser lights landmark, the core components landmark laser light for high-power lasers, laser directional strong, monochromatic, coherent and strong, laser Landmark positive It is the application of the above-mentioned characteristics. Its role in the urban landscape lighting is incomparable and irreplaceable.
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