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Laser landmark constitution?

Time:2019-01-10Views:464 Author:LAYU Laser Technology
Landmarks laser system mounted on top of the building, through the laser system with a strong dazzling green laser beam continuously probe radiation in the night sky, you can direct parallel, rotating radiation, rhythmic transform the beam direction, so that the building became dazzling city landmarks and a unique urban landscape. Laser Landmarks system mainly consists of three parts: a laser device, control system, control the transmission network. 

Landmarks internal laser consists of four major parts, namely, laser show subsystems, automatic temperature and humidity to maintain the subsystem, transmission and control subsystem, the power management subsystem. 

▲ power management subsystem is responsible for power control and distribution of various sub-systems, while providing anti-surge, overvoltage, overcurrent protection. You can turn on automatic timing work. 

▲ drive and control subsystem is responsible for the whole range of rotation at any angle in the horizontal direction, and rotation angle range, the speed can be repeatedly set 

▲ automatic temperature and humidity inside the machine to maintain the subsystem is responsible for monitoring the working environment, to ensure that each subsystem (especially laser) work at a suitable temperature and humidity environment, it is critical to outdoor environment. 

▲ subsystem is responsible for the actual laser show laser effect output. According to customer needs, can bring their own landmark performance control card, or by the computer software control performance results. Control can easily switch. 

Single laser injury 

▲ laser safety protection system is responsible for laser accident protection, may show laser systems galvanometer scanning system for real-time monitoring, if it is found galvanometer unexpectedly stopped working, the system may be in the 50ms forced off the laser, avoid stationary the occurrence of human cases. The subsystem is my company after studying global types of laser-related accidents and abroad successfully developed a laser safety standards, to fill the gaps in related fields, greatly improve the safety of high-power laser show. 

▲ Auto mode: mainly used for landmark demonstration without control personnel, as long as the normal power supply will automatically work within the set time frame, unattended. 

▲ ILDA Interface: Using ILDA laser control signal internationally accepted standard interface, using the optional controller (USA pangolin) and software control. In addition to standard effects, but also for animation laser show. The use of supporting software can easily enter text in real-time playback. See detailed description of the relevant software operation instructions. 

▲ DMX512 way: With built-in control panel, available orchestrated DMX512 console to control the laser effects, convenience and other lighting control collaborative performances. 

We use the world's most advanced professional laser show software PANGOLIN of Lasershow Designer, you will have a plurality of pre-laser show (song). There are a lot of graphics library into your own frame, or choose from thousands of pieces of scissors attached map. LD2000 software with the most advanced features, including ultra-smooth movement of 16-bit resolution for anywhere can provide the most brightly colored six-color channel raster (TV-like) laser photo realistic scene generation image masking, 32 tracks simultaneously (object), three-dimensional database and bitmap converter automatic tracking Laser contour map. 

a) graphically rich 

Our latest offer performance software comes with a lot of graphics library, about a dozen programs and tens of thousands of pieces of laser show graphics material, it can be provided to customers free combination, which program includes spatial effect, geometry, animation with the story can provide RASTER, bitmaps directly through software progressive scan output image. 

b) easy to use 

This software is user friendly, you can directly use the mouse or keyboard to control your computer can display the graphics performance, real-time editing of graphics can also play out. 

c) high stability 

The software comes with DSP hardware decoder card, the computer operating environment adaptability, with device independence. As long as the computer to work properly, you can safe and reliable operation. 

d) support multimedia 

Supports MP3, AVI, MIDI, WAV, RealPlayer and other file formats. 

e) real-time control 

Laser device anywhere in real-time control. 
& Lt; 3 & gt; control the transmission network 
The control system uses all-fiber network, in order to achieve high reliability, real-time control purposes. 
Transfer rates up to Gbps fiber level, signal attenuation and loss is very small, the optical fiber having immune to electromagnetic interference or noise unique features (no lightning hazard), suitable to maintain a high data transfer rates over long distances, and can provide good security. 
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