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Shenzhen Stage Laser Light

Time:2019-01-09Views:1384 Author:LAYU Laser Technology
Shenzhen stage laser lights lowest prices, better quality, more technologically advanced and most complete, is an essential theatrical lighting. Shenzhen stage laser light most accurate information: 
Model LB-KG03 
Diode-pumped laser (DPSS) laser; green 532nm 
Laser power 1500mw 
Laser Color Green 
Control system Available Pangolin, Phoenix, Medialas other professional laser software to control; large-capacity high-speed microcontroller built-in software 
International standard ILDA control mode signal control, DB-25 input and output interface; voice control, self-propelled, DMX512 
Closed loop speed galvanometer scanning system; scanning speed 30K; scan angle of ± 30 degrees 
Demonstration effect of high brightness green laser, beam effects rich, complex patterns in real time with the music player; professional laser software available to customers for a wide range of self-creation laser effects, such as patterns, beam, text, company logo (Logo) or animation. 
Applications theaters, bars, nightclubs, DISCO, etc 
Air Cooling 
Power / Power AC110V-240V; 50-60HZ / 500W 
Volume L540xW375xH180mm 
Weight 18kgs 
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